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Individuals’ Cyprus tax residency advantages


Over the past years, Cyprus has been developed into one of the most favorable places for international business. The Cyprus tax regime combined with Cyprus excellent geographical position, infrastructure and Cyprus ability to offer sophisticated planning structures, the ability to set up and manage Investment Funds (Cyprus Alternative investment funds – AIFs), the enactment of the Cyprus International Trusts Law which provided for the formation and administration of international trusts, the excellent geographical position, infrastructure and good quality of life, the recent developments like the construction of luxurious Marinas, the decision to build a mammoth casino resort and its excellent infrastructure in banking and telecommunication were some of the key factors for its success.

Cyprus is now encouraging High-net-worth individuals moving to Cyprus by giving personal taxation incentives and benefits

Individual’s most important Cyprus taxation considerations and benefits when moving to Cyprus:

+ An individual can become Cyprus tax resident and obtain a Cyprus Tax Identification Number (TIN) within a short period of time;

+ A Cyprus tax resident individual by obtaining the Cyprus nondomicile resident status is totally exempt from Cyprus taxes on dividend, interest, and rental (property situated in Cyprus) income;

+ There is no taxation for individuals becoming Cyprus tax residents on any profits earned from the disposal of securities including shares and bonds (not applicable for Cyprus property-rich companies);

+ Tax exemption of 50% of gross employment income earned in Cyprus by a Cyprus tax resident individual earning more than €100,000 of gross employment income per annum and who was resident outside of Cyprus before the commencement of his employment in Cyprus (available for 10 years);

+ Tax exemption of 20% of gross employment income (up to a maximum of €8.550) earned in Cyprus by a Cyprus tax resident individual earning less than €100,000 of gross employment income per annum and who was resident outside of Cyprus before the commencement of his employment in Cyprus. The exemption is available up to 2020. However, it is expected to be extended up to 2025. In case a 50% exemption (see above) is claimed, the 20%
the exemption does not apply;

+ No tax on employment income earned for offering services to an overseas employer or to an overseas permanent establishment (PE) of a Cypriot employer for more than 90 days in a tax year;

+ First €19.500 of income is fully exempt from;

+ Cyprus tax; No tax on any lump sum received as a retirement gratuity;

+ 5% tax on pension received from abroad exceeding €3.420;

+ No estate duty, wealth, gift or inheritance tax.

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We can assist you to register with Cyprus Tax authorities and fully comply with Cyprus taxation laws.

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